The Smart IBL system consists of several applications and plugins, all maintained by a team of volunteer CG artists. We made these to make our own life easier, and we share them to help the CG community.

Main Applications

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    For HDR Shooters and VendorsCreate, edit, tag, and manage sIBL-sets. Includes all necessary image editing functions, with automatic batch mode.
    by Chris Huf | Active | Latest: v103
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    For Maya, MAX and XSI ArtistsUniversal Python application to light a scene. Highly customizable via templates, can plug sIBL-sets into any render engine.
    by Thomas Mansencal | Active | Latest: v3.0

Loader Plugins

The original Smart IBL loader script, where most features were invented. Production-proofed at EdenFX, optimized for LW 9.5 to LW HardCore. Includes update notification and inline help.
by Christian Bloch | Active | Latest: v2.2
Steve Pedler's sIBL loader for Cinema4D. Very comprehensive documentation included. Optionally uses VRay (in R11 and up) and supports LightSmith sets (in R12 and up).
by Steve Pedler | Active | Latest: v1.2
Converts sIBL-sets to native modo 401 environment presets. These are similar in concept, definetely inspired by Smart IBL, so all information is retained and the setup is done flawlessly.
by Gwynne Reddick | Stalled | Latest: v1.01

Depending on the host application these scripts have different feature sets. See a comparison table here. Over time, some scripts were made obsolete by sIBL-GUI and are no longer maintained.

Legacy Plugins

Works until MAX 2008, can setup scanline, mental ray, and older VRay versions. Support for this script has faded out. Use sIBL-GUI instead for excellent MAX support.
by Christian Bauer | Stalled | Latest: v0.95
Works from Maya 8.0 to Maya 2009. Can setup standard scanline and mental ray, but is no longer updated. Use sIBL-GUI instead for newer Maya versions and many more options.
by Volker Heisterberg | Stalled | Latest: v0.18b

The predecessor of sIBL-GUI. It used to be the commandline foundation for the GUI, but is now fully integrated as DLLs. Still usable for custom pipeline integration.
by Thomas Mansencal | Stalled | Latest: v2.1.1