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Lightsmith Collection
The sIBL sets in this section are special.

Instead of all-encompassing environments, they are individual image-based light sources. They are great for building your very own studio lighting, using all the richness and complex reflections that only HDRIs can give you. Each light includes a mesh of the actual liamp used, even a mesh for the frame.

Note, that Lightsmith sets are currently only supported in SIBL-GUI, and only for a limited list of renderers.

HDRI Hub Promo Library
HDRI-Hub is the new online shop of Andreas Reimer, a.k.a. forum member ‘brainspoon’.

Andreas is a freelance Graphic Designer from Cologne, Germany. He’s a huge car fanantic, so he has amassed a great library of HDRIs shot on roads, paths, in parking structures, factories - all the good spots for automotive rendering.

Andreas puts a lot of extras in (backplates, full-res HDR), and he also offers discounted bundles.

3D Total Promo Library
I’m completely thrilled to welcome 3DTotal as official sIBL supplier.

Very unlikely you never heard of UK’s number one CG artist community. 3DTotal has become a staple, has been around for more than 10 years - which is an eternity in the VFX world. They survive by selling premium tutorials, e-magazines, and really awesome artist-tested texture libraries.

3DTotal’s first sIBL collection is themed in a medieval town; the perfect backdrop for your Z-Brushed elfs, orcs and hobbits.

Rhode Island School of Design
These sets are donated by Alex Hart. He's an illustration artist, animator, director, and 3D instructor at the Rhode Island School of Design. His students learn everything about character animation in Maya and get to create their own animated shorts.

Alex provides these sIBL-sets free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, all he asks for is that you post a rendering in the forum. ;)

HDR Source Promo Library
I'm very happy to welcome HDR Source as official sIBL supporter. It's one of the oldest HDR stores on the web, with a huge library of over 120 sIBLs from a great variety of locations.

The man behind HDR Source is Charles Leo, who works in architectural visualization himself and is well known in the VRay community. Check out Lunar Studio for some breathtaking renderings! Maybe that's why his HDR libraries are so popular - because they just work.

Charles also wrote some great tutorials on setting up Smart IBL in MAX and rendering with Linear Workflow in VRay. I think that speaks volumes for his expertise.

Dutch Skies 360° Promo Library
These 11 sets are generously donated by dutch master HDR panorama photographer Bob Groothuis. He specializes in VFX shoots, has been recognized in VRMag, and is a genuinely great guy overall.

Bob’s Dutch Skies 360° collections are now available. Each set is carefully put together, fully sIBL 2.0 compliant and loaded with bonus material. If you feel very special, you can even snatch away the newest stuff in his exclusive first pick area.

HDR-VFX Promo Library
A friendly gift from Lisa Yimm and David Bell. Together they are HDR-VFX; your hired gun for shooting master quality HDR panoramas (and sIBL sets). Fearless of big projects, they will also hire an army of panorama photographers when necessary.

Watch out for the upcoming HDR-VFX webstore with hundreds of affordable sIBL sets...