What's new in version 3.2?

Highslide JS
Picturenaut 3 with a completely redesigned interface.
Pan anywhere with left mouse button, zoom with mouse wheel.


Nice and Easy

  • Refined Interface
  • Automatic Installer
  • HDR-HTML Exporter
  • Drag-n-Drop Workflow

Feature Boost

  • Rotate with AutoCrop
  • Latest RAW formats
  • PNG file support
  • Alpha channel display

Internally Rewired

  • 64-bit version
  • Mac support halfway done
  • Save Options for EXR, JPEG
  • Open-Source Plugin API

Make better HDR images.

You want the accuracy of HDRShop, with all the low-level control to squeeze out the maximum on image quality. But you you also want all the modern convenience features like exposure detection from EXIF data, image alignment and ghost removal? And you want a tone mapper where the final result looks exactly like the preview?

Picturenaut is for you.

Picturenaut was born in the German photo community. It has been in the works for four years, with consistent improvements according to user feedback. It has always been freeware, thus setting the standard for making high quality HDR Imaging accessible and easy.

Fast. Seriously.

Picturenaut's consistent multi-threaded architecture makes it the fastest tone mapper in the world. Nothing beats it running Reinhard's Photoreceptor Physiology in realtime on the full image. If you call a new 8 core box your own, you will see it haul through a 32 Megapixel image in realtime, while you find just the right slider settings.

Highslide JS
Photoreceptor on a 32 Megapixel pano in realtime. No kidding.

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