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Christian Bloch

Christian Bloch is a visual effects artist by trade and a photographer by passion. He speaks the language of an artist, and he understands that a hands-on tutorial is a thousand times more valuable to the learning process than scientific formulas.

A native of Germany, he lives and works in Hollywood, California. During the 12 years of his professional career, he has created effects for Star Trek: Enterprise, Firefly, Lost, 24, NCIS, Chuck, Teen Wolf, as well as several theatrical movies. He has been a pioneer in the practical application of HDRI in post-production, specifically under the budgetary and time restraints of TV production. His work has been rewarded with an Emmy Award as well as a nomination for the Visual Effects Society Award.

Bloch also holds an engineer’s degree in multimedia technology. Years of research went into his diploma thesis about HDRI, which was honored in 2003 with the achievement award of the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig. The HDRI-Handbook was the successor to Bloch’s diploma thesis, rewritten from the ground up and heavily expanded. After selling close to 40,000 copies in six languages, The HDRI-Handbook 2.0 is completely rewritten once more, incorporating so many updates that it doubles in volume.

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Contributing Authors

Many hints and tips in this book originated from Uwe Steinmüller, Dieter Bethke, and Bernhard Vogel. As respected digital photography experts they contributed tutorials to the first edition, and their personal roads to HDRI left heavy footprints all over this book. The HDRI Handbook 2.0 goes even further by featuring up-close interviews with seven exceptional photographers, each one spearheading a different frontier of HDR imaging: